Tips on How to Write Your Video Scripts for Website and Internet Marketing Videos

Video is a must in today’s age of marketing. It’s been growing in popularity but now it seems to be exploding. If you’re not using video on your website, your social media sites, and for internet marketing, then you’re going to be left behind.

There are a number of things to think about when writing your video script. You’ll need to come up with an overall concept. Keep in mind who your target market is, the message you want to get across, and what you want people to do after watching the video; a call to action that makes it clear what they should do next.

Do some research related to your business using Google or other search engines and see what videos your competitors are doing, if any. Write down what you liked most about your favorite videos and make a list of the key attributes that you may want included in your own video.

You don’t want your video any longer than 2 minutes; after that people lose attention. It’s best to write a script no longer than 1-1/2 minutes in length. However, the shorter the better as long as you can get the message across in that time.

Below are word estimates to help you determine the length of your script. If you use “Microsoft Word” you can highlight your script and have the program tell you how many words have been written.

180 words = 60 seconds / 225 words = 75 seconds / 270 words = 90 seconds

When writing your script, be sure to include what would be most important to your potential customer; things that would encourage them to give you business.


Think about each of the questions below, write down the answers, and then formulate it into a script. Keep in mind your target market.

1. Research related businesses and see what videos your competitors are doing, if any. Write down what you liked most about your favorite video’s, make a list of the key attributes that you may want included in your own video, and send us links to those video’s.

2. What is the overall video message that you want to get across?

3. Where do you do business and what communities do you serve?

4. What year did you start your business?

5. If you have a company tag line, write it down and use it.

6. Write down exactly what you provide?

7. List in detail the services or products that you want highlighted?

8. What makes you different then your competitors? (why someone should hire your business over someone else)

9. Do you have any special awards or recognition that you should mention?

10. Are you with the Better Business Bureau? What is your rating?

11. If there is a “call to action” (something you want them to do at the end of the video), write that down.

Once you’ve answered the questions above, shorten them as much as you can without taking out important details. Then put everything in an order and create transitions between each. Now would be a good time to see how many words you have in the script. If it’s too long, start looking for what you can cut and what you can reword to make it shorter. Continue to do this until you have the script down to no more then 270 words.

You want to start working on your script as soon as possible because there will be a number of drafts needed before you finalize it. Start with your first draft, walk away from it for a day or so and then come back to it and see if you think changes are needed. Do this until you come back to it and see no changes. Once you have your final draft, have some unbiased people read it for their comments. Make sure you tell them to be honest.

NOTE: Just because someone suggests a change doesn’t mean you have to make that change. It’s your script and it’s your business so you make the final decision as to what gets changed. However, keep in open mind because many times their insights are valid and a change is needed.

SCRIPT EXAMPLES: (both of these examples are for scripts that would be used on a “Home” or “About Us” page) internetmarketing bureau

Example #1 – Welcome to Primo Auto Glass. We’ve been serving the community since 1990 in Santa Clarita, California with windshield repair and windshield replacement. We provide fast service, affordable rates, great quality and free mobile service. All of your glass needs are in stock to get you back on the road quick and easy. Our installers have over 30 years of combined experience which allows us to provide you with a lifetime warranty against any leaks, defects with the materials and glass. We’re licensed, insured, and accredited with the Business Bureau with an A+ rating. So come down to Primo Auto Glass and get the service you deserve. (this script is about 35 seconds. After adding a short testimonial and a closing, the video ended up being just over a minute)

Example #2 – Welcome to 20/20 Eye Care Center. I’m Dr. Chiana the owner and founder. Since 1990 we have been serving the Fullerton community by giving them the highest quality care for all their ocular needs. Whether you need eyeglasses, contact lenses, or are interested in LASIK surgery, we can help you get the very best for your eyes. We have a wide selection of frames including Designers such as Coach, Rayban, fendi, Guess and more with a wide range of prices to fit any style you may be interested in. We also specialize in hard-to-fit contact lens patients and we are able to treat most eye diseases. Our practice has state of the Art Equipment and includes computerized Eye Exams. We know that insurance can be complicated, so we will assist you in getting it and understanding your benefits; helping you to sort out which options are most beneficial for you. My associate doctors and bilingual staff are friendly and ready to assist you with whatever you need. We are open six days a week to accommodate your schedule, and we have a lab on the premises to get your glasses to you in as little as an hour. Contact us today to make your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you and taking care of all of your ocular needs. (this script is 1-1/2 minutes. After adding a short testimonial and a closing, the video ended up being just under 2 minutes)


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